bullseyeOne of the most frustrating things you can encounter in content marketing is creating first class content that never gets viewed. Even though you know you have created great content, it may never be reaching the right audience.

If your content marketing messages seem to be falling flat, you may need to think more about targeted content delivery.

Why Targeted Content Delivery?

At the most basic level, targeted content delivery is about thinking and rethinking the personas of your buyers. Once you have a solid understanding of who your buyers are you will be able to create content that targets those buyers. Targeting your content has become increasingly important in our modern digital world.

Here are a few quick reasons why untargeted content is no longer effective:

  • Email spam filters are more effective than ever before. If you are sending your buyers email ads that are not targeted, chances are good that they will never see them.
  • More than 90% of television viewers have the ability to skip over commercials.
  • With the increase of satellite radio, many drivers will never hear a standard radio commercial.

Clearly, with our advanced technology, it is far easier than it has ever been before for consumers to “tune out” advertisements. This means that you will need to carefully target your content if you would like it to be seen, read, or heard.

4 Easy Steps to Targeting Your Content

Targeting your content is a lengthy process. Luckily, the whole endeavor can be broken down into four simple and easy steps

1.  Gather information about your buyers.

The first step to successfully targeting content is to gather information about your buyers. You will want to know a few key facts about their demographics including age, gender, average income, and most likely profession.

2.  Build profiles for your buyers’ personas.

After you have gathered the necessary information, you will need to build detailed profiles for your buyers and their personas. It is better to be as detailed as possible. Here is an example of a great profile for you to work from:

Jane Smith is a 25-year-old receptionist who has just gotten married to her office-mate, John. Although Jane has no children, she plans to in the future. Jane enjoys painting, cooking and spending time with her friends. Jane has no pets and makes $42,000 before taxes each year.

3.    Create and release content.
After your profiles are set, you can create content that will target those personas. Then, you can release that content to your targeted audiences.

4.    Study the results and rethink the whole process.
The most important step in the targeted content delivery process is to carefully study your results after you have delivered your content. You may notice that some content performed better than others. At every step in the targeted content delivery process, you must rethink your buyers’ personas, your content, and your delivery method. After a while, targeted content delivery will be second nature!

How do you do targeted content delivery?

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