An article in the Sunday NY Times today provided further validation that the ways of conducting public relations campaigns has changed forever.

new-rules-pr-book1I’ve been a proponent for a long time of scrapping the name “press release” entirely in favor of the more accurate term, “news release”, considering the fact that what passes for effective PR these days is increasingly bypassing the gatekeepers entirely to speak directly to the end user.

According to the terrifically insightful book, The New Rules of PR & Marketing:

Millions of people read press releases directly, unfiltered by the media. You need to be speaking directly to them!” 

As the NY Times article clearly points out, the days of lazy, unfocused, throw-out-a-bunch-of-stuff-and-see-what-sticks days of public relations are over.

Now more than ever, it’s about feeding the influencers content they’re interested in that will have relevancy to their respective audiences, combined with distributing content directly to the audiences that will consume it.