Franchise marketing

As we explained in a previous blog post, Franchise Flow is a unique, customized, online portal that we custom build for the franchisor that allows the franchisor the ability to create, MANAGE and deploy unlimited websites for their franchisees with just a few clicks of the mouse.

But what Franchise Flow also is, is a Command and Control center that puts the franchise seller (franchisor) firmly in control of all marketing and promotions across all franchisee websites.


bullhorn icon  Want to offer a Labor Day special?  A trial membership?  A three widgets for the price of two special?


The franchisor can quickly create and launch online coupons, promotions and even landing pages with opt-in forms across the entire network of franchisee websites.  Whether you have one franchise or a thousand, with a few clicks of a button, the same coupon can appear at designated pages and positions throughout the network of websites instantly!

Imagine the power of being able to test coupon offers across your entire network of franchise sites!  And with the powerful analytics included with every Franchise Flow installation, you’ll know whether your offer resonates more with the people in Pittsburgh or the folks in Farmingdale.


message 2 icon  There’s an old adage that the money is in the list —- your list of customers!  Mailing lists, email lists —- either way —- these are your biggest fans — people who have actually plunked down their cash for a purchase, come into your store or signed up for your special offer or promotion.  These people have voluntarily raised their hands and identified themselves as someone interested in what you have to offer.  Franchise Flow offers the perfect way to stay in touch with those people who proactively sign up for your offers, providing both the franchisor and the franchisee with a direct line of communication to your most active customers.

This is done by creating coupons linked to landing pages that include sign up forms.  Offer something of value and those that are interested will “opt-in” to your offer allowing you to build a list of enthusiastic buyers for future sale, promotions, events and special offers.   Of course, this is completely optional based on your wants and needs.  Don’t want to tap into email marketing right now?  No problem.  The capability will be there whenever you are ready.


target iconThe Franchise Flow system allows the franchisor the ability to build a network of affiliated websites all on the main franchise domain name.  What this means is that while all the franchisee sites are being hosted (and controlled by the franchisor) each franchisee website can be search engine optimized so that it can be found and returned in local search results.  The individual franchisee domains can be or (substituting your actual franchise name in place of franchisee and domain, of course).  Your choice!

This means that someone looking for a Math Tudor in Minneapolis will find the local tutoring franchise even though the franchisor is based in Dallas, Texas.  More search engine visibility = more sales = more profits for franchisee and franchisor.  A win-win!

[bctt tweet=”More search engine visibility = more sales = more profits for franchisee and franchisor.  A win-win!” username=”samsonmedia”]

In addition to being search engine friendly, the ability to publish blog posts and other types of content from one centralized location also helps with content creation and content marketing which are also part of a proactive SEO strategy.


eye iconThere’s a lot more to Franchise Flow than the 3 topics outlined here and we’ll be taking a deeper dive into the website designs as well as analytics and reporting in future posts.

If you would like to view a brief two-minute video that highlights the Franchise Flow dashboard or would like a personalized demo with a real live human being, please feel free to sign up HERE.