NY Times

The New York Times online, named “TimesSelect”, announced this week that they are ending their online subscription model. 

 The reason?

Many people were finding descriptions and listings of NY Times articles while doing search engine searches, but then they would be stopped at the “payment” door and prevented from entering the site.  The Times, caving in to what must have purely been a business decision, calculated that monetizing their site traffic by selling advertising was more of a growth market than selling subscriptions to their online content. So they’ve decided to open up the floodgate of eyeballs eager to consume their content while driving up the value of the site’s advertising inventory that awaits the eyeballs when they get there.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW:  The takeaway message I have for my online clients is that visitors to your site often do not come in the “front door”, or the homepage of your website.  They come in through the 5th page, the 10th page, the “About Us” page, whatever.  As with the NY Times, people were finding the articles directly from search engine searches and trying to access the articles directly without going through the homepage.

This stresses the need for having EVERY SINGLE PAGE of your site properly search engine optimized.  Every single page should also repeat your call to action and your newsletter signup box.  If you have a 10 page site, as an example, EVERY SINGLE PAGE should be considered a home page.  An entry page.  Every page needs to offer unique keyword-optimized content with proper META Tags that gets indexed by the search engines and directs prospects, customers and clients to your website and, in essence, your business.

While it’s important to remember that no page is an island, it’s equally important to remember that every page is the front door to your business.