Samson Media, LLC, is launching a new landing page lead generation service designed to send super-targeted leads to businesses who are looking to improve their ROI on advertising expenditures.

Samson Media Video landing page programThe new lead generation program will combine the purchase of targeted Google Adwords that lead prospects to a video landing page.

After watching a 30 – 90-second piece of pursuasive, direct response video, the viewer will be given a single call to action:  fill out an online form for additional information.

“We’re asking the prospect to perform three specific actions AFTER they search for a particular product or service”, explains Samson Media president, Gene Sower.  “We’re asking them to click an ad, watch a video and fill out a form.  This will definietly weed out the tire-kickers from the more serious prospects.”

For additional information about the program you can click here to watch a video demo explaining how the program works.