Not only are META tags and keyword optimized text important for improving your search engine results but having other sites link to you, commonly referred to as inbound linking, are almost as important if not more so.

The reason?

The more sites, and not just ANY sites but relevant sites and quality sites with Page Rank, that link to you, search engines like Google count them as votes of confidence.  Inbound links basically say to the search engines, “This site must be an important site because all these other sites link to it!” 

With all other things being equal like  like META tags, etc.,  it’s safe to say that a site with 1,000 inbound links will rank higher than a site with 100 links.


To help improve your search engine rankings we now offer an inbound linking service that includes the following components:


  • 1 original Press Release Submission to over 30 sites
  • Bookmarked to 25+ social bookmarking sites 
  • 25 Web 2.0 blogs which randomly link back
  • 100 Forum Profiles with links
  • 50 Guestbook Links 
  • 50 Blog Comments with links

TIMELINE:  Approximately 2 weeks


  • Article syndication (two articles per month) with links back to your site from a MINIMUM of 20 high ranking article sites (Page Rank of at least 2) for each article, emphasizing a specific keyword phrase like “discount trips to China,” not the name of your company. 
  • A minimum of 20 inbound links PER article. 
  •  This phase will generate a MINIMUM of 120 links at the end of two months in addition to what we can generate in Phase 1.

TIMELINE:  Month 2 and Month 3

This is a three month plan that involves a slow and steady approach to mimic natural link building and not trigger a negative response from the search engines.  Prices start around $600 a month.  Please contact us for details and exact rates.

To check your own inbound linking numbers or those of a competitor, check out the free link checking tool at