As the survey results continue to dribble in after about two weeks one clear winner has emerged as the answer to the question, “What is the most effective Internet marketing tactic you use for your business?”  The answer:  LinkedIn, with nearly 35% of the votes followed closely by Facebook with 32%.

This was especially interesting considering that Facebook came in second for “least effective” (which we’ll cover in our next blog post).

CONCLUSION:  While definitive conclusions about marketing on Facebook are hard to reach from this small survey, this does tell me that there’s a lot of interest as well as  participation in using Facebook.   While experimentation is good, the types of businesses that use Facebook and the way it’s used can vary widely with very different results from one company to the next.  My own opinion is that for most of the B2B companies involved with Facebook marketing, your efforts would be much better spent on LinkedIn.  There are exceptions of course, but Facebook has commanded most of the online marketing buzz of the last few years so business owners think they have to have a presence there.  Maybe.

While Facebook is where a lot of the activity is right now in the social media space, even huge companies like General Motors are taking a careful look and have moved their advertising dollars elsewhere.

With limited time, money and attention, I suggest small and medium -sized businesses stick with one or two social media outlets that work best and go from there. And LinkedIn should definitely be one of those two.

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Next Blog Post:  What’s the LEAST Effective Internet Marketing tool.

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