When we tell clients they need to generate multiple tweets on Twitter and posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Plus every single day we like to wait to hear the audible groan.  That’s mostly because we’re only kidding around with them before we offer them the sane and reasonable option to make it all work realistically and practically.  The solution?  Hootsuite!

Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that allows you to manage and MEASURE your social media output, all in one place.

Hootsuite works easily with:

And while Hootsuite offers some third party apps that work with Pinterest, for example, they are usually an additional cost.  So while Hootsuite is free for the first 3 social media sites you want to hook up, add a 4th and it’s about $10 a month.  Add the Pinterest app and that’s $9 a month just for the app alone, nearly the entire cost of a premium Hootsuite account.  But if Pinterest is core to your brand and social media marketing it may be well worth it.


But sticking with the core social media accounts listed above, Hootsuite allows you tons of flexibility and provides useful information to help manage and gauge your social media and content marketing efforts.  Features include:

  • Ability to preschedule social media posts and Tweets days and weeks in advance
  • Ability to easily see and monitor who is consuming and sharing your content
  • Ability to follow relevant conversations
  • Ability to review detailed usage reports to quantify your efforts


During Hurricane Sandy, Morris County in New Jersey used Hootsuite very effectively to manage their social media and support emergency response efforts.

Learn how emergency responders used their Hootsuite account to prioritize pleas for help, and send out rapid updates about road closures, evacuation efforts and shelter locations.

Download the Hootsuite case study HERE



View the Hootsuite Quick Start Guide HERE

Once you master the features of Hootsuite you’ll find that your social media marketing efforts will become easier, more steam-lined and more effective.