In our third and final chapter on defining, detecting and preventing & treating Malware, Alan Buckwalter of Jefric consulting offers this advice:

Suggestions to Minimize Malware Attacks

Change passwords regularly – avoid using permutations (e.g. password1, password2, etc.) and reusing old values wherever possible.

Keep your computer up to date. Microsoft distributes updates on the second Tuesday of every month. The day, which has been affectionately call “Patch Tuesday” is when the latest critical operating system and security updates are made available for download. While Apple does not publish a formal schedule, it makes updates available in a similar and timely fashion.

When shopping for Anti-Malware software for your computer be sure to understand what type of protection you are purchasing. Don’t assume that one application will solve all of your problems. It may take 2 or more applications to fully protect you from the variety of threats circulating on the Internet these days.

Most anti-virus applications update their definitions files daily, some more often than that. Spyware and Adware applications update less frequently but typically check for updates before they perform a scan. Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet so you keep your computer clean and safe. Avoid falling behind.

Other Malware Notes:

Other forms of Malware that are not presented here include: Worms, Trojans, RootKits. Familiarize yourself with the basics as best as you can.

Enterprise Security Tips on a Small-Business Budget

This all makes sense, but how do I get started?

The information presented here is readily available and openly discussed in the news, online on web sites, blogs and forums. Sorting through all of the information, and understanding it is the challenge, especially if it is not the business that you are in. Everyone who drives a car doesn’t know how everything in the engine works; they just know that it serves a purpose that is key to their driving experience, without which they might not be able to get from point A to point B. They may also find it necessary to enlist the help of an expert if something is broken or not working the way they would expect. Technology is no different.

Find an IT consultant who will work with you and understand your business. The right technology can improve office efficiency, increase revenue and help you grow your business and profits. All these things will help you be successful.