There are many ways to improve your site’s search engine rankings as we’ve discussed throughout this blog.

One way that you might also consider, is to keep the code on your site clean and simple. 

Search engine optimization, New JerseyThat’s why the acronym K.I.S.S., short for Keep It Simple Stupid, has never been more appropriate then when applied towards web design. 

This article posted on SEO Chat explains very clearly how to use various techniques to unclutter your website’s code when creating a website.  Techniques that involve external Java scripts and CSS (cascading style sheets) are all ways that web designers and programmers can keep a lot of code off your site, making them not only faster loading for your end user, but easier for the search engines to spider and index.

‘Cause search engine spiders don’t like scripts and extraneous code.  They like plain ol’ vanilla HTML and text so they can report back to the Mother Ship and index your webpage or site accordingly. 

Granted, many people reading this blog post will never attempt to build their own websites but it’s something to bring up with whoever is.  

Keeping it simple when it comes to coding by pulling in the scripts that are necessary and only when they are needed directly off the server is a great strategy that will enable you to have your digital cake and eat it, too!