ALT tags are a SEO gift from the Search Engine Gods.   


Your goal for attracting search engine traffic to your web site means your web page or pages must contain the keyword phrase that people are looking for.  Obvious enough.

I’m not going to go into the whole explanation of what keyword optimization means.  We’ve done that many times throughout this blog.

What I will say is this:  One of your primary goals in keywording your site is to strive for a certain keyword density.  Meaning, you want to have the desired keyword phrase strategically woven throughout the copy in a manner that would please the 3 Bears — not too much, not too little —just right.

How much is just right?  Well, that’s a subject for another blog post but I will tell you this:  the overall copy on the keyworded page should be at least 300 words.  300 to 500 words, with the keywords woven throughout in an hour glass format is just about perfect. 

 Hourglass, you may ask?  That means seeding the copy a lot at the beginning, tapering off in the middle and then pumping it up again at the end. 

You can see a recent example of a successful keyword optimized page we did that got our client the number one ranking on Google for her desired keyword phrase, “Fashion Coaching”.

So here’s the takeaway message and the “Tip Of The Day”:  In addition to customizing the META tags and making sure you have enough keyword density on the page, use your photo’s ALT tags to place keywords.  In fact, look for excuses to use images like GIFs and JPGs not only to break up your page and make it more inviting to read, but because it’s a totally legit, White Hat way of adding your desired keyword to that page.

So the next time you’re designing a webpage or someone’s doing it for you, instead of naming that photo on your site “photo1.jpg” or “image2.gif”, call it “fashion-coaching.jpg” or whatever your keyword is.  And for maximum effect, be sure to use dashes in between multiple words — don’t run the together like “fashioncoaching.gif”.

Use them liberally and watch your pages climb!  The SEO Gods will smile favorably down upon you.