Will Social Media Marketing Reach A Saturation Point Sooner Than Later?

Even while my company gets paid to seed LinkedIn Groups, write articles and sometimes Tweet and post blog comments for paying clients, I sometimes wonder when we will reach a tipping point?  I mean, when more people catch on to the value of social media marketing (SMM) and start cranking out Tweets, comments and Facebook fan pages, when does it reach the point of White Noise, like most other types of more traditional forms of interruption marketing, and simply get tuned out?

A revealing survey published by Edelman Marketing & PR discusses the fact that peer-to-peer marketing, the very essense of SMM, may be losing some of it’s sheen.  The survey goes on to report:

“…confidence dropped by nearly half, since 2008. In 2008, 45 percent said that friends and peers are credible sources of information about companies. In 2010, that number fell to 25 percent.”

I have to say that when my email box comes flooding in with LinkedIn Group aggregated email updates, I’m pretty much deleting them sight unseen.  And while I’m working hard to build our Twitter followers and Facebook fans I’m wondering, “are people really reading all this STUFF?”

While there’s no denying that the forces of engagement and conversational selling are the new normal fueled by SMM, among other things, what elements do you feel have to be deployed to keep SMM relevant and effective?