I received an interesting item from TrylonSMR, a strategic media relations company in New York :

internet-growth“The average U.S. adult has nearly doubled their daily use of the Internet in the past three years according to a May report by The Media Audit. In 2008 the average U.S. adult spent 3.8 hours per day, compared to 2.1 hours in 2006, an 81% increase over three years. As a result, the Internet now represents 32.5% of the typical “media day” for all U.S. adults when compared to daily exposure to newspaper, radio, TV and outdoor advertising.

According to the report, even people who are considered to be heavy newspaper readers are spending about as much time online as a typical adult. Those who spend at least an hour a day reading papers are currently spending 3.7 hours online. While the Internet only represented 18.4% of a heavy newspaper reader’s media consumption in 2006, that number has grown to 28.4%. ”

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