One of my biggest criticisms of Facebook as a marketing platform is that you don’t “own” your own likes.

Facebook does.

And with the recent controversy over Facebook’s new formula for deciding what your own followers on Facebook will see, I recommend using Facebook not for gathering as many likes as you can but for gathering your own opt-in email subscribers and making Facebook part of an integrated email marketing campaign.

You can do this by adding an email signup form to a custom tab on your Facebook page and encouraging followers to sign up there.

integrating email marketing and social media



I like to say that the difference between getting likes on Facebook or email subscribers is the difference between owning your own house or renting it.

Facebook owns all the visitors to your Facebook page unless you can get them to become your own prospects by getting them to sign up for your own email newsletter.

Is it more difficult to get an email sign up than a “like”?  Absolutely.

But I would rather have 10 quality opt-in email subscribers than 100 casual likers on Facebook or Twitter for that matter an day!

The bottom line is this:  email marketing is still an important PART of any Internet marketing mix and should be integrated into your social media marketing efforts as another way to distribute your message  via social media and to leverage social media to get new email subscribers.

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