facebook_iconAs part of our expanded marketing plans for 2010, I’m commited to harnessing Facebook and all of its social media bells and whistles and make it more business focused instead of friend focused. 


Well, while I enjoy keeping up with what my friend’s cat had for breakfast I figured why not have my cake and eat it, too?

After all, I can still have my personal FB page but now I can also tap all the same tools to help me grow my business.  Not least of which is some VERY cool tools that let me see all the demographic info for all my fans.  Since everyone who becomes a FB Fan has an account and a user profile, the stats for my fan page show me things such as the ages, gender and geographical locations of all fans.  Pretty cool!

 The thing with FB, though, is that in order to grab the straightforward URL, facebook.com/pages/samsonmedia, you need to have at least 25 friends.  I guess that’s to prevent fan pages with 2 or 3 fans from squatting on good domain names.  It’s proof of viability, I guess.

Anyway, we started last week and we’re already up to 17 friends, so getting 8 more shouldn’t be too difficult.  We look forward to sharing great info and techniques for marketing your business so please join the converstion by JOINING OUR FACEBOOK PAGE HERE.