I’m a big fan of writing and DISTRIBUTING articles as a way to generate traffic to your website.  Here’s why:

Article syndication benefits your website in at least 3 ways:

  • CREATES INBOUND LINKS:  Every article you write and distribute will link back to your own site.  Search engines, like Google, give more weight to sites with in-bound links than those without.  The more the better.
  • GETS YOU FOUND IN MORE PLACES:  Having articles distributed all over the Internet that link back to your site are like having beacons that all point back to yourself.  Maybe your webpage doesn’t come up in a search but maybe your article does.  Having your content spread far and wide simply increases your chances of being found.
  • KEYWORD IT AND THEY WILL COME:  By strategically using keywords in your article titles you’ll be feeding bread crumbs to the hungry search engine spiders leading them right to your articles and ultimately to your own website and offers. 

I found this great video from the folks at Ezine Articles, sort of the Mother Ship of article sites, about how to write GREAT keyworded article titles that will bring TARGETED search engine traffic right to your door.  Enjoy!