Using Google Adwords to start your own pay per click (PPC) campaign can be a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website.  The problem with setting up a campaign yourself is that you’re practicing with real money.  Mistakes can be costly as you try to get up to speed. 


Part of being successful with Google Adwords and PPC advertising is having a relevant landing page.  When people click through on your ad, the page where they “land” has to be extremely relevant to the ad where they came from.  Google actually favors more relevant pages over less relevant ones, even if the less relevant ad bid more.  We explained keyword relevancy in greater depth in this prior blog post about Pay Per Click Advertising.


If you’re still interested in taking the PPC plunge or at least want to know more about setting up your own PPC campaigns we found this useful video that shows you your way around Google Adwords.   Enjoy!