Facebook Deals gives businesses the opportunity to reward customers when they check in on Facebook, and this helps generate awareness, encourage in-store traffic and build customer loyalty. Facebook Deals connects businesses with people and helps them become an even larger part of their customers’ conversations. And right now, deals are free for businesses to create.

When someone “checks into a place” on their smart phone (iPhone, Android or Blackberry) that is offering a deal on Facebook, maybe YOUR place, all the friends of the person checking in are immediately told about it. 

So imagine a person with even 100 friends (which is low considering the average Facebook user has 130 friends) who buys something in your store after checking in for your deal.  All 100 of their friends will instantly know about the deal they purchased in your store because the deal that they just claimed will now show up on all the Facebook walls of that person’s 100 friends!  How’s that for free advertising?!


There are four types of deals you can create to reach different business objectives. Before creating your deal, think about your goals. Be sure to offer your customers a lot of value for all deal types as high-value deals can generate a lot of buzz and this word of mouth marketing can spread quickly on and off Facebook.

Individual Deals
If you’re looking to offer a one-time deal, create an Individual Deal. You can offer this type of deal to both new and existing customers– to launch a new product, offer a gift with purchase, get rid of excess inventory, or simply get more people into your store.

Loyalty Deals
To focus on rewarding your most loyal customers, create a Loyalty Deal. These deals may be claimed by customers after a certain number of check-ins. Depending on your business, the number of check-ins may vary. You have the opportunity to create a deal that can be claimed after no fewer than two and no more than 20 check-ins.

Friend Deals
People don’t always buy, shop, or eat alone. To offer a deal to a group of people, create a Friend Deal. Friend Deals allow you to offer discounts to groups of up to 8 people, when they check in together. These deals can build even more exposure for your business because in order to claim your deal, your customers need to
introduce what you have to offer to their friends and family.

Charity Deals
Show people that you care about more than just the bottom line.  Create Charity Deals to make a donation in the amount of your choice to the charity of your choice each time someone claims your deal.  This is a great way for your business to give back to the community. 

To learn about setting up Facebook Deals for YOUR business, CLICK HERE to check out these helpful video tutorials and other documentation to walk you step by step through the process. 

 If you are ANY kind of a retail business and you are NOT taking advantage of these exciting opportubities to build your business, check it out IMMEDIATELY.  This is a NO BRAINER!