As you probably know by now, in today’s business environment, it’s ALL about your personal brand.  And nothing allows you to establish and promote your personal brand better than blogging.  This is especially true for entrepreneurs, people re-entering the job market or those that are trying to reinvent themselves in a new career.

You see, in the online world, you are what you write about.  The content and comments you generate, position you as a thought-leader and expert in your field of expertise.  Blogging allows you to show off your knowledge, effectively allowing interested prospects to “try before they buy” and, in essence, have a little taste of what you’re all about.

A great article in the NEW YORK TIMES talks about armies of mommy bloggers going to blogging bootcamps to learn about blogging as second careers and, in effect, building their own personal brands such as “” (tagline:  Analyzing Motherhood with Laughter & Honesty…and Trying Not to Lose My Mind in the Process!”).

It reminded me of the recent movie, Julie & Julia, about a young woman, unemployed, bored and restless, who decides to blog all the recipes in Julia Childs’ “Joy of Cooking.”   She went from wondering if anyone was listening “out there” to achieving commercial success with her own book, Julie and Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen, and the paperback edition which was retitled Julie and Julia: My Year of Cooking Dangerously.  Not to mention a major motion picture starring Meryl Streep (not too shabby!).

All that from a blog!

The point is this:  If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur or sales person for a larger company, nothing will get you out there more effectively and create more credibility than blogging. 

And as we say in many of our workshops on social media marketing:   blog first and worry about Twitter and Facebook later.  Blogging is the cornerstone to creating and fostering your own brand.  If you need help in deciphering what blogging can do or, more importantly, how to set one up, contact us ( .  It’s what we do! 

And in the meantime, start thinking about who should play you in the movie!