When Brenda Hendrickson, author of How To Be A Frugal Millionaire, wanted help How To Be A Frugal Millionairemarketing her new book, Samson Media created an 8-part email autoresponder series to help put her email marketing efforts on auto pilot.

Using iContact as our preferred email marketing tool (services like Constant Contact do NOT offer autoresponder features) we developed, wrote and installed this powerful email list building technique on her existing website.

Offering the free 8-Part series has become one cornerstone of Brenda’s marketing efforts for the book which uses the 8-part series to softly upsell her book to interested readers while simultaneously building trust and credibility.

As I’ve stated in previous blog posts , all email programs are NOT created equal.  The ability to send out a series of automated, timed emails is NOT available in popular email programs like Constant Contact.  These autoresponder features offer a very cost effective way to create a “set it and forget it” lead generation strategy that will build your list of opt-in email prospects even while you’re sleeping.

If you’d like to sample this permission based “give to get” marketing strategy for yourself, sign up for Brenda’s 8-part series on her website HERE.

And don’t worry:  As with any type of reputable email marketing program of this kind, you can opt-out and stop receiving messages at any time.