As we recently wrote in a past blog post about the impact of social media on search engine results, there’s no denying that social media tweets, shares and posts are now counted towards a page’s rankings in the search engines.  Simply put, a page that is shared on LinkedIn or tweeted on Twitter will rank higher than a page that is not, all other factors (such as inbound links, keywords etc) being equal.

While social media is not a deciding factor in higher page rankings it is clearly a contributing factor as communicated by Google, Bing and Yahoo themselves in the Danny Sullivan interview quoted here.

So here’s a video that explains very clearly, in Google’s own words, how social media is impacting search:


PLEASE NOTE: in order to see the effects of social media in your searches you must be logged into Google. Without being logged in, Google will not know who you are and will not be able to tailor your search engine results. When checking your own SEO it’s best NOT to be logged in so you will see the results that people who are not logged in will see.  Are you seeing the results of social search in your own SEO efforts?  Either comment below or post on our FACEBOOK page here.