This is an article from Guest Blogger Bill DeCorso that originally appeared in the Meadowlands Chamber of Commerce magazine, “Meadowlands USA.”

“Successful marketing still starts with a clear understanding of your product’s strengths and weaknesses and the competition as seen through the eyes of the target audience,” stated Bill DeCorso, President of Block & DeCorso, a full-service agency in Verona. “But with the growing plethora of new media options, one of our first recommendations is to invest in research to evaluate the latest channel trends among the client’s potential customers. Through this analysis we can then develop marketing solutions that integrate online, mobile and traditional media into one coherent, integrated channel strategy designed to cost-efficiently grow awareness, revenue and market share.”

According to DeCorso, today’s consumers are fast moving targets with a wide variety of digital media platforms at their disposal. “Through research, we can determine if their eyes are fixed on traditional media or are darting around text messages, email, YouTube and Hulu videos, Facebook postings, blogs and specialty niche websites that can vary from haute cuisine to hot fishing spots to the hottest iTune and NetFlix offerings.”

“We look to avoid making assumptions,” DeCorso continued, “because we have learned that different target segments embrace new media in different ways. Some avoid it; some are addicted to it; and some are already to opt out because they have received too many messages that lack relevancy and useful content.”

DeCorso believes that as consumers spend more time and conduct more business online it becomes increasingly critical to gain digital visibility with them across the entire purchase cycle – and wherever they are: at home, at work or traveling.

“It’s very easy to get caught up in hype about tweets, blogging and social media,” stated DeCorso. “We try to determine whether our clients will be wasting money on staffing up for social media to get an ROI that may not be as good as they could achieve from a more traditional approach. For us, it all still comes down to determining the most cost-effective routes to motivating consumer purchase.”

In conclusion, DeCorso stated, “Doing the upfront homework is crucial to making advertising decisions that garner better results. We always adapt our research questions to reflect the latest societal trends so that our clients will have usable, relevant feedback. Through a clear understanding of consumer digital behavior, we can offer creative solutions and solid media recommendations that can gain maximum impact from an advertising budget so clients aren’t wasting channel funds and falling short of their objectives.”

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