An excerpted guest blog from by friend and colleague, Dave Rubin, answers the question, “How DO you hire a marketing designer?”:

We’ll, you’ve got to talk.

Through your conversations you build a comfort level. By talking with the marketing designer, you get a feeling for the designer’s experience. Do you think you have or can develop the common thread of understanding? Does it seem like the designer has the expertise and the will to amplify the external experience of your product or service? Ask to talk to some of the design firms clients. Look at the quality of the clients they work with. Are you building a feeling of trust? Do you know, that some of the top marketing designers never even show their portfolios. They don’t have to. This is because they exude the confidence to solve the problem and usually do.

Now you’ve made the decision to hire a marketing designer. What’s the process? Along with the designer you need to define the goals of getting your client base thinking about the potential of your company experience. You need to examine why someone uses the product or service you provide.  Do your customers have a specific set of problems that you solve? Where are you clients? Are you B2B, retail or service? Sometimes this brings up issues you never thought of before.

The marketing designer will then go to work. This is a fluid process. As the designer works, he should send you comps of his/her ideas. You give some feedback, designs and ideas are refined. Everybody will have an opinion, but here is the key to your success. Avoid bringing in people that have not been involved in understanding the strategy put into the process. Remember people who do not work on design everyday are not necessarily able to be active players when it comes to design because they have not developed a methodology.

Getting a well experienced marketing designer involved with your business can alter the perception of your business and enhance the expectation of a great experience. Of course, the next step is to deliver on your end. You’ve always done that, but the world just didn’t know your potential.

Dave Rubin is a partner at Johnson OR Berish Creative, a company that specializes in branding and marketing design. Dave can be reached at .  You can also find the entire article here.