Finding qualified workers, particularly in the web design and Internet programming space can be a challenge.

With technology rapidly changing it’s near impossible to find people who can do it all.

As an owner of my own Internet marketing business I’m faced with the need for a database programmer one day, someone who specializes in installing shopping carts the next and maybe a Flash developer the day after that.

While I’ve been lucky to hire as much local talent as I usually need (Montclair, NJ is a hotbed of new media talent!) it’s nice knowing a company like ODesk is there to back me up. I used them once about 6-months ago and I was surprised to say it went perfectly.   I’ve also used sites like eLance but ODesk actually offers tests that you can ask prospective freelancers to take to see if they really do have the “right stuff”.  Plus, you can view a prospects test results given by other people.  Cool!

Check out this cool video that explains it all: