As a follow-up to our last email newsletter, we wanted to give you more details about adding Internet Marketing Videos to your marketing mix.


  • Create interest in a product or service
  • Create compelling content to increase traffic to your site
  • Build credibility with prospects


Used properly, DISTRIBUTING your video across the Internet is the real reason why you want to have an Internet marketing video.  Having a video allows you to upload it to dozens of video hosting sites such as YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, SPIKE, Yahoo Video, LiveVideo, Motionbox, MegaVideo and many more you probably never heard of.

But that’s OK that you’ve never heard of them.  It doesn’t matter.  Because the REAL point is not that someone will watch your video on these sites.  They might.  But the REAL idea is that you can upload your video for free along with a description of your website AND (this is key) a link back to your site.  The link back to your site will help to improve your website’s page rank in the eye’s of the search engines.  I could go on and on about the benefits of inbound linking so call me if you’d like to discuss more, but the take away message is this:  once you have an Internet marketing video in your pocket, you can deploy it in MANY strategic ways to generate site traffic.


Internet videos are also being indexed by the serach engines and are being returned in the search engine results.

Type “how to build a deck” into Google and see what comes up.  Or click here to see the video results.

Starting as low as $500 for a montage-style video set to music you can begin to increase your website traffic, page rank and search engine results.  This is a PRO-ACTIVE strategy that compliments anything and everything you’re already doing regarding the marketing of your business.

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