Google FTC antitrust case resolved in favor of Google

When the Federal Trade Commission handed Google a major victory by declaring, after an 18-month anti-trust investigation of nearly two years, that the company had not violated anti-trust or anti-competition statutes in the way it arranges its Web search results, not everyone was happy about the decision.

The reason is because Google’s competitors, such as Microsoft, feel that Google is giving an unfair advantage to their own web properties, returning them higher in searches.

While this may or may not be the case, here’s why I think this ruling is good thing for our Search Engine Optimization efforts as well as for your business:


Google now returns nearly 70% of all Internet searches rendering sites like Yahoo & Bing even more irrelevant.  At, we’ve put all our eggs in the Google basket as far as learning and practicing various SEO techniques.  Good thing, because while fellow Internet giant Microsoft was howling foul at the FTC verdict, for small and medium-sized businesses, a stronger and more active Google means more traffic for our users.

Here’s why:

  • We only optimize for Google:  Maybe we shouldn’t but we do and what usually works for Google will usually translate to Yahoo & Bing
  • YouTube:  Since we’ve been using video SEO more and more I have to say that Google does seem to favor YouTube videos.  While our SEO techniques are getting our client’s videos up on the Google search engine results pages within days and sometimes hours, they often can’t be found anywhere on Yahoo & Bing?  Favoritism?  Maybe, but who cares as long as we’re backing a winner, which clearly Google is.

So was the FTC ruling fair?  Hard to say.  But from where we sit, what’s good for Google is good for us and our clients.