Looking for a business phone number but don’t want to pay 411 fees?

Google has done it again with a totally free business directory service called GOOG-411.


Just dial 1.800.GOOG-411 (1.800.4664.411) from any phone and speak the name of the business into the phone and they will either connect you directly to that business or send you a text message. It’s all explained HERE.

If your phone is Internet enabled, they’ll even go as far as to send you a map link.

How cool is that?

And did I mention FREE?  As in no cost.

According to an article in Wired Magzine (March 2008 – Wired 16.03), the reason Google is offering this service free of charge is because it’s part of their early groundwork and research for eventually offering voice-enabled search.

At this point, the free directory service only works with business listings, not residential listings.