Facebook & LinkedInAs you know I recently started a Facebook page.  It’s an interesting diversion but in the single week that I’ve had it up, several friends that I haven’t talked to in years have contacted me via my page (wanting to be “friends”) and I’m sure it will lead to a kindling of our dormant relationships.

But I digress.

The thing that I’m finally seeing some value in is my LinkedIn profile.

I’ve been dutifully adding business associates and colleagues from my near and distant past but it wasn’t until yesterday that I had an “A-Ha!” moment.

I’m working on putting together an interactive webinar for a client of mine and I was looking for some software solution recommendations.

Using the contact feature on LinkedIn I was able to blast out an email to all 89 people in my LinkenIn profile and before you know it, the helpful suggestions began to pour in.

As several people began to recommend the same software solution (www.gotomeeting.com) I figured the “Group” had spoken.  So this is what they mean by “crowd sourcing”!  An isolated recommendation here or there is one thing, but when the power of the group begins to respond, well, it’s pretty powerful when the same name begins to pop up repeatedly.

 Sort of like my own, personal Wikopedia. 

Well, maybe not.

But having this powerful ability to reach out to 89 business professionals who know me in some capacity is pretty cool stuff.  And it’s certainly something I would not want to abuse or take advantage of. 

But who better to ask a business-related question of?

Anyway, now I’m sold.  The power of crowd sourcing, baby!