Bad BusinessThey charge $14.95 for this ebook, titled Link Building Secrets, and offer a “100% Money Back Guarantee” if not completely satisfied.  But when I received this light-weight ebook, it offered nothing new or insightful, it couldn’t be printed and when I found it overall very dissappointing and contacted the company, owned by Abrugart Frederrick and Muhammad Zulkifli Rahmat, named  Search Marketing Sales Ltd, they only offered me a 20% refund! 

Abrugart…Muhammad…where’s the love?  What about the 100% satisfaction Guarantee stated on the order page?

The first time I emailed them and asked for the refund, I made the mistake of just saying I was unhappy with the fact I couldn’t print it (which I need to for a variety of reasons that I don’t think are there business).  I mean, what’s the difference why I wanted my money back?    I wasn’t satisfied with the purchase so I told them my main reason and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is just that — 100% satisfaction!   Well, I figured incorrectly.

Because apparently it DOES matter to them why I’m satisfied or not in order to qualify for the guarantee,  I had to give them another reason, apparently, because the non-printing reason wasn’t enough.  So I told them I also didn’t value the content but now the die was cast.  I already said I didn’t want it because it didn’t print and that’s what they hung on to as the reason that wasn’t good enough for a refund.  Believe me, I’m not looking to swindle them out of their $14.95 so I can steal their precious linking secrets.  It’s the principle of the whole thing. 

Here’s the email response I received from Abrugart and Muhammad’s “management” team when I complained about not being able to print out the ebook and not really liking the content, either:

From: SearchMarketingSales [frontdesk@searchmarketingsales.com]
Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2008 4:44 PM
To: Gene Sower
Subject: RE: Link Building Secret E-Book
Dear Gene,
The 100% guarantee is for the quality of our ebook and not with regards to printing option of the ebook.
I have forwarded your case to our management. We will either give you a partial refund or perhaps allow you access to the print option. I will get back to you in 24 hours time.

Best Regards

24 hours later, came the verdict:

Dear Gene,
Our management has decided to offer you 20% refund. Please note that this will be our final offer.  if you accept, we will refund accordingly. Best Regards


Not feeling like I had much choice, given the take-it-or-leave it response, I replied:

“Tell “management” I accept. But I’m going to have to discuss your “100% Guarantee” in my blog and newsletter.

Do what you think is right. For $14.95 I’m sure getting my fair share of grief and aggravation.”

Apparently, what they felt was the fair and proper response was to nickle and dime me to death by refunding — you guessed it — $2.99!   All with the “Best Regards”, of course.  Well the more I thought about it the angrier I became and thought that this would be a good test of how to hold companies accountable for making flagrant guarantees that they don’t stand begind.  The 20% take-it-or-leave it response was an insult and I took it at such.



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I put in a claim with PayPal and now they countered by wanting their $2.99 refund back.  Really!  I swear.  Good luck with that.  You can’t make this stuff up.  All this over a $14.95 ebook that’s really nothing more than a rehash of things I’ve read for free all over the Internet. 

So make up your own mind,  check out this ebook, titled Link Building Secrets and tell me if YOU think this is worth $14.95 or anything at all, for that matter.  Yes, I’m totally doing this to make a point and put pressure on them to simply do the right thing.  I don’t want their lousy $14.95 so much as I want to make a point.

But next time you see ANY kind of 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, make sure you get a definition of whose satisfaction that is, and according to who?  You know what they say?:  “Buyer Beware”.  Never have truer words been spoken when it comes to these guys

“Best Regards”. Signed “the Management”.