in biz onlineI went to the first In-Biz Online networking event last night at LuNello’s Restaurant in Cedar Grove, NJ, and I had high expectations considering past events hosted by David Black, the publisher of In-Biz Magazine.

I’m happy to say the event did not dissappoint. 

The food was fabulous and so was the wine tasting throughout the night, plus I really enjoyed the innovative networking concept.

Each table was hand-picked by the In-Biz staff to provide a thoughtful cross-pollination of professions who were actually assigned a “task”.  Ours was to strategize a company based on our backgrounds and how we would promote it.

At my table, I enjoyed meeting Darryl Gay of American Gold & Diamond Buyers as well as Dennis Klein of Rand, Feuer & Klein and Brenda Hendrickson, CPA and author of How To Be A Frugal Millionaire.

The event was open to “members only” of the In Biz Online networking group which is a new business networking group that formed late last year.  For info on joining, contact them HERE.