In typical “let them eat cake” fashion, Facebook has removed the apps area of their website without so much as a peep in another act of total obliviousness to their users.

So if you’ve been trying to find any apps, especially the custom Welcome Tab apps that we discuss often in our Facebook webinars, you’ll no longer be able to browse the apps in the apps area to find them.  Or any other apps for that matter.  The only clue I found was this article written from the app developers perspective that confirmed the demise of the apps area.

So while I don’t really have a problem with Facebook closing down the apps area, it’s the fact that they didn’t communicate the change to us users, leaving us to fend for ourselves yet again.  And to make matters worse and further add to the confusion, the link in their very own help section, WEEKS AFTER THE FACT still directs people to the now defunct apps area:


So if you want to find the app you’re looking for you have to do a search, BY NAME, for the app, assumming you know that name in the first place! 


So back to the real purpose of this post, which is to help those interested in setting up their own custom Facebook pages which need to be installed on a custom Welcome Tab, which is a type of Facebook app.

If you search in the HELP area (not the main search bar at the top of your Facebook page) for “Customn Welcome Tab” you’ll get dozens of listings for all types of apps and custom Facebook services.  It’s a bit overwhelming to go through the offerings so here are two that we use and recommend, both completely free, easy to use and install:

Again, there are many others such as Static HTML:  iframe Tabs, which we also use (but are a little less user friendly for newbies and clients) but you only need one so we figured we’d list these as starting points. 

 I mean, is there a better example of lousy customer service than Facebook?  Maybe Network Solutions or United Airlines, but that’s another story for another blog post.