When Susan P. Ascher, President of the Ascher Group, wanted help selling her new book on Amazon.com, we worked with our partners at publishing company WoodPecker Press to get the book listed and sold on Amazon.com via the “Fullfillment By Amazon” program which involves shipping inventory to the Amazon warehouses and having them handle all aspects of selling and shipping the book.  We also created and configured the book, titled, Dude, Seriously, It’s NOT All About You, for the Kindle.

But the cornerstone of the online marketing program revolves around a series of email autoresponders that dispense exerpts from the book in a brief and entertaining manner to, in effect, let people sample the book before buying.

The sign-up for the email autoresponder, using Aweber, our favorite email marketing tool, will automatically dispense 3 free tips from the book when someone signs up at the company website.