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Always Be Closing? Not anymore.

We’ve all heard the sales adage “ABC: Always Be Closing,” right?

Well in today’s online marketing climate where consumers often drive campaigns via social media commenting and sharing, while suffering from ad fatigue after being bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages every day (the number varies widely from hundreds a day to thousands) combined with the ability to just click away from online ads in a split second, the old rules of ABC are no longer effective.


The fact of the matter is that the days of interruptive marketing are over and that’s a GOOD thing because marketers that embrace this new dynamic instead of resisting it will have much better outcomes.

I mean, think about it:  if you can create useful, relevant and helpful content that someone is actually searching for and WANTS to read/view/consume, and that also leads to a sale or lead, that’s the Holy Grail, right?  And that’s the whole point:  Create content that your prospects are looking for and WANT to consume. Optimize it so it will be found by the search engines and distribute via social media.

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So what’s the BEST type of content to create in order to accomplish this?

As we’ve often said, when it comes to creating valuable and useful content, you need to position your business to be the answer to the question. What are people searching for that pertains to your business and create content that answers those questions. Sounds simple enough, right? And it can be. But how you create that content is best left for another blog post but can include everything from blog posts, photo galleries, videos and even Slideshares.

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1.  Identify your buyer personas:  who are you trying to reach?  What’s their age, sex, economic status, family status (parents with children, empty nesters, retirees, etc.), education, aspirations and even the car they drive (are they a Chevy Truck family or a BMW sedan family?).

2.  Write up a brief 6 month calendar:  what holidays can you incorporate into your messages, upcoming events, sales, relevant topics you can piggy back onto to create relevancy.

3.  Use the 10 x 10 Formula:  A great way to create highly relevant content is to write up 10 blog posts that answer the 10 most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that people always ask you, followed by 10 SAQs, or SHOULD Ask Questions, that you prefer they ask but don’t even know enough to ask you about but are really important and even more relevant to helping them make a buying decision.  SAQs also give you an opportunity to demonstrate your unique selling proposition and make the case why you’re the company to do business with.

4.  Optimize the content:  make sure you include relevant keywords in the titles of your blog posts and video descriptions on YouTube.  Make sure you insert keywords in all the ALT tags for your images and write compelling META descriptions to encourage click-throughs.

5. Drip Out & Distribute:  Creating a steady flow of content will help your search engine optimization immensely.  So take those 10 FAQs and 10 SAQs and drip them out 1 a week for 20 weeks!  Each piece should be distributed through all of your social media channels, creating a steady flow of authoritative content that reinforces your market leadership and keeps you top of mind in the social media circles where your prospects and existing clients hang out.

Using these methods will help you pivot from an Always Be Closing mentality to an Always Be Educating model instead.  HELP people make better buying decisions and they will — from you!

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