Top 10 Tips to Make You a Better Blogger and Why That's Critical to Growing Your Coaching Practice


What You'll Learn Inside

Blogging is critical to the growth of your coaching business online. Blogging not only helps you educate your prospects about the benefits of coaching but it also generates content that the search engines love! But blogging has to have a purpose and a structure to be effective. This 10-point checklist will reveal what you need to know to deploy blogging as your secret weapon for growth and client retention. 

  • What topics to write about that will make an impact on your business
  • How many words should your blog post be for maximum effectiveness
  • How to tie your blog posts to your coaching offers and why that's good for your search engine visibility 
  • Where to place keywords within the blog post to attract the search engines
  • How to use images for maximum search engine optimization and why graphics are more than just something to look at.