Breakfast is the new lunch, internet marketing, new jersey, website design, search engine oiptimization1. Complete one important task everyday.
Refuse to quit until its done. Knowing that you did something that added value will give you a feeling of accomplishment.
2. Pay Attention. 
Whether you’re checking your monthly phone bill or your company’s overhead costs, truly focusing on your task can make an important difference.
3. Replay the tape. 
Spend a few minutes in the evening thinking through conversations you had during the day and the actions you took. Consider how you handled challenging situations-what worked and what you would do differently next time. Dont berate yourself if you made a mistake. Just commit to improving.
4. Do Breakfast. 
Breakfast is the new lunch. Its much easier for people to start the day with a morning appointment. They are fresh and energized. The meal usually shorter and cheaper. The mornings news provides topics to discuss. Its a great way to maintain business contacts and stay connected with friends and family.
5. Respond to calls and e-mails within 24 hours. 
Make this a personal standard, and hold yourself accountable. Responding promptly tells people that you can manage your time and you respect theirs.
6. Share the good news-and the bad. 
Some people are cheerleaders who communicate only when things are going well. Others communicate only when things are going poorly. Both types of communication are vital for true understanding and effective problem solving.
7. Solicit input. 
If you tell people what to do without getting their input, they may perform-but not as well. Figure out who your key constituents are-your spouse, kids, sales team. Meet with each person to describe what youre trying to accomplish, and then ask for feedback. Try to use the ideas offered.
8. Spend 10% of your day connecting with people. 
Ask them how they are feeling, and listen to what they say. Visit a hospitalized friend. When someone invites you to a wedding or a funeral, make an effert to attend. If you can’t, express your regret by sending a handwritten note. These actions strengthen valuable relationships and build loyalty.
9. If its important, say it twice. 
When a doctor in surgery asks a nurse for O-negative blood, the nurse replies,” I have o-negative blood,” not, “okay here it is.” She repeats the request as part of a process that eliminates error-the stakes are too high for miscommunication. When the stakes are high in your world, follow up on a conversation with a note, voicemail or e-mail.
10. Dont let others derail you. 
Write the phrase, “Nothing and Nobody can effect me negatively”. Put it where you can see it. Let it remind you of your personal power.