When I talk to clients about blogging I often see the fear that comes to their eyes when they start thinking that they have to blog every day.

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The question is really this:  not how much is too much or too little but how much is just right?

I know with email marketing, once a month is perfect for most businesses and weekly is fine for others, while sites like HARO seem to get away with emailing twice a day every day (although I’ve kind of stopped reading them)!  I think monthly email blasts lend themselves just fine for B2B while B2C is actually better weekly.

A recent unscientific study by Justin Kownacki showed that when he changed his blogging habits from once per day to once per week his traffic plummeted.  So does this mean blog daily or don’t bother? 

Definitely no.  Here’s why:

If we take a closer look at what I call the “Goldilocks Rule” (not too much, not too little, just right) I would say this:

If you’re not a professional blogger (which most of us are not) but a business owner who simply wants to benefit from all that blogging has to offer I would say striving for one blog post a week should be realistic and doable.  “Once a week!” you say in disbelief?  Well, consider blogging part of your marketing.  Which it is, if done correctly.  Blog strategically about your expertise and the benefits of what  you offer.  Don’t look at it as a chore but as a way to grow your business.

Conversely, if you can’t muster up at least one blog post per week (and remember, it doesn’t need to be War & Peace) than blogging once per month will at least keep your hand in the game.  Anything less than that, I would say, don’t bother doing it at all. 

Because nothing is worse than visiting a company blog and seeing the last post dated months or even years ago.  Bad form that makes you look unauthentic, dusty and simply a poseur. 

How often do you blog?

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