I’ve been part of the Big Bold Business marketing team for almost two years now and finally getting to see the collaborative literary  effort from over 70 New Jersey women business owners come to fruition is really quite an accomplishment.

So a well-deserved kudos to publisher Donna Thompson of Woodpecker Press and editor Joyce Restaino for pulling this project together.  Getting 70 people together in the same room is a tough enough challenge but getting over 70 people to each write a chapter about their area of expertise and record a video to promote their involvement is just amazing.

But aside from the face value of such an accomplishment, I wanted to point out how rich with marketing possibilities this book effort will be.  Having a sisterhood of over 70 accomplished women business owners makes it an instant community.  Each author will immediately be a salesperson for the book itself and the brand of Big Bold Business.  The opportunity to tap this group for workshops, webinars, media events, public relations and more is an exciting opportunity for everyone involved to raise the level of their own visibility and increase the credibility for both themselves and each other.

New Jersey has become very hot lately in the media and popular culture and efforts like the Big Bold Business book and initiative are adding some welcome fuel to the fire.

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