As I get ready to present a workshop titled, “Email Marketing – the Original Social Media” at the upcoming BlogPaws conference, I was heartened to find this recent study conducted by Lyris and reported by

The gist is that Social Media Marketing (SMM) combined with email marketing gives the sometimes-hard-to-quantify SMM a tangible metric to measure success (or failure).

In response to the question, “If you used social media together with email marketing to get better results this last year, how much better were your results?”

21% reported “significantly better” and 33% “somewhat better.”

But the stat that I liked the best was that 29% were not combining the two at all, meaning there’s lots of room for growth!

Also interesting and a validation of what been doing for over a year now, is combining email sign-ups with custom Facebook pages which a full 80% of respondents replied was the best one-two punch in their social media marketing efforts.

Our own experiments in this area bear this out, especially when combined with Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising on Facebook.

We found that driving traffic via PPC to a custom landing page on Facebook not only increased our “likes” to the page (another form of opt-in marketing) but nearly doubled our daily rate of email sign-ups.

What are you finding when you’ve combined SMM with email marketing? Please share your results in the comments box below or on our Facebook page HERE.