Part 1 of a two-part article by Guest Blogger, Dave Rubin

Remember The Old Days?

Getting a brochure out to the printer, maybe printing a catalog, having a publication ad, a newsletter or a postcard campaign? I know, you remember how much it cost. Sometimes you wondered, did it all work as well as you thought it should?

Then you had a website designed and built. Maybe, you didn’t really need that printed brochure anymore. Oh, and that newsletter, just send it as an email blast. Forget actually printing. We don’t need that printed catalog either, all that stuff can be out on our website.

Now you also have a blog, a Linked In page, a Twitter account and Facebook. Yep, your business is all over the place. It’s so easy to find you.

So how come it looks like your business is not doing as well as you think it should be?

That’s because everybody else is doing it too. How do you get past all the digital clutter?

What about this radical marketing idea?


Yes, I said Print. Wait a minute, isn’t that old technology? Isn’t that so analog? Well, yes it is. But here’s something interesting. A little while ago we created an ad campaign for a client that was headlined, “Ink on Paper, the Original Software (it still works)” The campaign was to promote the use of print collateral to move people to the digital assets that a company might be using. Even though some people thought they could eliminate the print component of there marketing, the ones who did print had a better result from their online assets.

Why is this? This is because people still read their mail. They like that specially designed piece of collateral that is actually, a solid 3-D piece of matter in their hands. To a large extent they still want the tactile sense of holding a piece of paper. Even if they just look at that paper for a few seconds, it makes a lasting impression. Giving people a well conceived printed piece makes them feel special. It’s like receiving a little personal gift.

Plus, it makes your company look like an established solid business entity that rises above the competition.

Dave Rubin is a partner at Johnson OR Berish Creative, a company that specializes in branding and marketing design

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