With over 60 minutes of video uploaded to YouTube every second, it’s not a secret anymore: videos are an important aspect of marketing strategies. Blogs, with their short, to-the-point structure, are perfect for embedding videos and audio messages. When you’re using video and audio for marketing, blog improvement, or website navigation, you can enhance content and grow your following.

  1. Multimedia is shareable. What makes people share content? It’s interesting. What can add interest? Topping the list are infographics, videos, and audio. These kinds of multimedia make plain text more interesting, thus more shareable.
  2. Multimedia gives readers options. Not everyone wants to read, not everyone wants to watch, and not everyone wants to listen. By mixing in multimedia, you give readers the option of choosing their own way.
  3. An audio blog is great for people on the go. A podcast, also known as an audio blog, is an effective way to communicate content. By adding a podcast to an already stellar, keyword-friendly blog, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to show and tell.
  4. Videos are highly engaging. If YouTube’s popularity teaches you one thing, it should be that people love to watch videos. Funny videos, educational videos, cute animal videos…anything. Online, video is the medium that bridges visual content and the real world. Be authentic and be yourself, and you’ll be making great videos in no time.
  5. Sound Adds Clarity. When you’re reading, it’s easy to skim. For many online marketers, combating the “skimmer” is a huge problem. How can you ensure you’re getting the point across as intended if people are just jumping your text? While readers can skip words, listeners can’t turn their ears off for a few seconds and skip sound. Whenever you want to add a little emphasis and clarity to your message, let sound guide you.
  6. Voice is appealing. Words can only take you so far. The human voice, whether recorded by yourself or a professional voiceover talent, is immensely appealing. Add voice, and your blog is instantly more personal and personable. Voice reaches people on a level that writing does not.
  7. Videos and audio help convey your brand and personality. Just like voice conveys personality more easily than text, audio and video are an easy way to carry your brand’s unique personality through your content.
  8. It’s good for SEO. A video or podcast alone does not make a good blog post. The key is adding a keyword-rich description or transcript that will give you a good SEO boost. Sound and video files, when embedded on your website, will encourage visitors to spend more time on that particular page.

Website Audio, the greater category to which audio for blogs belongs, can increase website stickiness, improve content retention, and has even been shown to improve sales. When you start using audio on your website, you can record the content yourself, but for clarity and to ensure the appropriate tone, you can consider enlisting the help of a professional audio marketing company.