When practitioners of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method wanted a way to generate leads for their individual practitioners around the country Samson Media created a lead-generating video landing page that included a professionally-produced video by MIB Media Works.  Samson Media wrote and narrated the script with MIB providing all shooting and editing services.

Driven by a monthly Google pay per click program, the landing page was tied to search engine searches for relevant keyword phrases such as “stress control,” “stress management,” and other relavent keywords.

After visitors reached the landing page via a search, they were invited to download a free 7-step report on reducing stress in exchange for opting in to an email sign-up box that automatically confirmed the signup as a genuine, working email address before dispensing the free report.

The video landing page was designed primarily to generate leads for the individual Synergists as well as helping the organization build a targeted email mailing list.