If you need a robust tool to sign-up people to your webinar, or any event, really, Eventbrite is the tool to use!

Our “Tool of the Year” in 2009 when we first discovered it, Eventbrite has become a welcome addition to our tool chest, especially for selling tickets to paid events such as webinars.

Here’s why:

Aside from it’s great customer support, ease of use and intuitive interface it’s also free to use if your event is free.

But if you use Eventbrite to help you promote and sell tickets to a paid event, online or in-person, that’s where it gets fun.   And profitable.

You see, Eventbrite has a built-in affiliate marketing program that allows you to offer commissions to anyone who wants to help you sell tickets.  You get to determine the amount of the commission and you can either invite all the people on your mailing list or social media followers to participate, or you can list your affiliate program in the Eventbrite affiliate market place, or both!  Eventbrite also provides the credit card merchant account so you can accept all major credit card payments and Eventbrite mails you a check, less their commission (2 – 3%).  All Eventbrite fees listed HERE.

The beauty of the whole process is that Eventbrite handles everything!  They give you a link that’s unique to YOUR affiliate program, with the terms you’ve set, and you can send it or post it anywhere you choose to invite people to sign up.  I would suggest offering as large a financial incentive as you can afford to motivate others to sell tickets on your behalf.  If people who sign up for your affiliate program sell nothing, you pay them nothing.  But the goal is to motivate this commissioned sales force with as much incentive as you can.

Here’s a brief video clip that takes a look at the back end of the Eventbrite dashboard:



Webinars are a great tool for increasing sales, building your lists and generating leads and followers on social media.  And for helping you sell tickets and generate additional revenue streams, Eventbrite can’t be beat!